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Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Cashswapper is a unique, innovative and disruptive fintech company with global aspirations.

Our mobile app allows peer to peer currency exchange. Once a user lists a currency to swap, we automatically match users who match each others criteria. Users can then arrange a meeting point and swap. All our users agree on signup that all currency exchanges are to happen at the interbank rate, meaning both users pay no exchange fees whatsoever.

We also provide our users with an innovative solution to safety. We are partnering up with local businesses in order to provide our users with a safe and secure location to swap in exchange for Cashswapper increasing footfall to their business. Cashswapper will also open dedicated brick and mortar premises in central locations for the purpose of providing our users with a safe environment to swap.

Sometimes, users may not be able to provide users with a peer to peer swap, or some users may just want currency using more traditional methods. Cashswapper will build a platform that allows all currency exchange shops regardless of their size to access our users by providing them with an online store to sell their currency, analyse sales trends, control stock levels and allow users of Cashswapper to reserve currency directly with the exchange shop.

Cashswapper will revolutionise the currency exchange market globally.

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