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Swap currency anywhere, with anyone.

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What is Cashswapper?

Swap currency anywhere using our true peer-to-peer currency swapping platform.

Swap currency in complete safety by exchanging at a Cashswapper premises, a venue we recommend or a public place of your choice.

Compare foreign currency providers at your location to find the best exchange rates. Click to reserve and collect.


No fees whatsoever to use Cashswapper when swapping currency using our app or comparing foreign currency.


Cashswapper match user


Cashswapper message user


  • Create a new swap.

  • Enter currency you have, amount you have, and the currency you need.

  • Select your location and view match.

"Cashswapper automatically matches you with another swapper that fits your criteria"

"Cashswapper has partnered with local businesses in your area to provide you with a safe place to swap currency"

"Swap currency at a Cashswapper branch, or a meeting point that suits you"

  • Wait for user to confirm swap.

  • Message user to arrange a meeting point.

  • Swap currency at the meeting point.

And that's all there is to it!




Cashswapper dsahboard

How does it work?

Watch our explainer video


No ifs, No buts, NO FEES! Never pay for currency again!

  • All our users agree on signup to swap currency at the interbank rate, the true value of your currency. This way, everybody wins!

  • Cashswapper won't ruin a good thing! Our platform is totally free to use for our swapping community.


Why use Cashswapper?

That means more money for your holiday, and no more worries about exchanging back leftover currency for peanuts. After all, with our home currency the GBP at an all time low, its an expense we can all do without.


Swapping is as safe as houses...literally

All our swappers will be ID verified.

Level 1 - Email verified by user. User can only compare foreign currency providers.

Level 2 - Profile picture uploaded by user. Some swapping restrictions.

Level 3 - All the above plus verified photo ID/video confirmation. No restrictions.

Swap currency at one of our Cashswapper branches

  • Cashswapper will open branches where our users can meet and swap currency.


  • We provide facilities to in branch to make your swap easy and safe.


  • Our branches will be managed by Cashswapper staff should you run into any problems.


  • For larger swaps, we also offer private booths for extra security.  

Swap in safety with our network of swapping venues

Where there is no Cashswapper branch close, we partnering with local businesses in your area to provide you with a safe and secure environment to swap. Simply choose to meet at the venue where Cashswapper recommends and swap currency.

Wherever you choose to swap, Cashswapper are with you every step of the way!


Prefer to use a Bureau de change?

No swaps available in your area, need currency urgently or just prefer to use a bureau de change? Cashswapper has you covered. Compare foreign currency providers and find the best exchange rates on the currency you need, wherever you are in the world.

Cashswapper order dashboard


And collect!

Cashswapper order confirmation

  • We are the first to compare foreign currency at both large chain and independent currency providers to find you the best exchange rates on the currency you need.

  • All the bureau de change's in our rapidly expanding network are rigorously vetted to ensure you buy your currency from safe and reputable businesses. 

  • This service is totally free for all our users. No terms, no conditions. We mean it!


1st release

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So what do you think? We would love to hear from you

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