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As well as offering our core users a peer-to-peer currency swapping platform, we also offer users the option to compare foreign currency providers in the area they are within. This provides businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to reach their target audience. Take your business to new heights with the Cashswapper business platform.

Cashswapper select currency provider

Introducing our unique business platform that provide bureau de change shops and currency providers with an online store to buy and sell currency. Whether a large chain or a small independent shop, Cashswapper offers bespoke solutions and access to a large user base actively seeking to buy and sell currency. We provide both desktop and mobile versions of our platform to cater for all businesses, offering maximum versatility.

Cashswapper mobile business platform

Platform features

1) Online currency exchange shop

Our platform provides your business with an online store and access to users who are actively looking for currency. You can add currency stock, input your buy and sell price which can be selected to automatically track the fluctuating exchange rates on an hourly or daily basis, create sales reports, create multiple employee accounts and much more.


2) Simple to use & intuitive

Manage your orders easily with our simple to use platform. When our users reserve currency, Cashswapper generates a unique reservation number which is presented by the user to the cashier upon collection. Process the order by entering this reservation number into the platform and complete transaction.

3) Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Small independent business? Grow your business and level out the playing field by competing with the big guys. Our mobile business platform will put you on the radar and provide your business with unprecedented visibility, versatility and direct access to our users looking for currency.

Large multi chain business? Take your business to new heights with our platform that provides you with a bespoke solution and an online presence that will drive your sales to new heights and provide you with a competitive edge.


4) Platform support

We offer all our business users full platform support and a dedicated team to ensure your online business runs seamlessly.

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