About us

Cashswapper is a true peer-to-peer currency exchange platform, allowing users to swap currency directly with each other as opposed to conventional methods of exchanging currency which have fees associated with them.

The idea was born during an observation made whilst at a bureau de change shop. A person in front of me had several hundred euros that they changed back to GBP at a rate that was around 25% less than the interbank rate! As it happened, I wanted Euros and had GBP. Wouldn't this have been so much more beneficial for both of us, especially that person, if we simply swapped our currencies there and then, at the interbank rate? Cashswapper was born.

Since then, I have been tirelessly working to devise a solution to the problem of high currency exchange fees. The solution is our mobile application, the first of its kind to connect people with each other in order to exchange currency to save money, especially our domestic users in the UK who have witnessed a decimation of the GBP since brexit; it has never been more important to save money on currency exchange fees. All our users agree when using our platform to exchange their currency with each other at the interbank rate, the true value of a currency. Everybody wins.

However Cashswapper is so much more than simply providing a peer-to-peer platform. We understand that some users may feel uncomfortable swapping with strangers, or sometimes there are no swaps in an area. That's why we have integrated a comparison and reservation feature within our platform that enables our users to compare every exchange shop in their area to find them the best possible rate, and our recommendation feature that provide users with a safe environment to swap with each other.

Cashswapper has global aspirations, and has the ambition to spread across every continent, connecting people together in order to save money. Our goal is to provide a service that allows any person, wherever they are in the world to be able to find the best possible value when exchanging their currency. We will stop at nothing to achieve this, as I believe that everyone is entitled to realise the true value of their currency, or be able to easily find the best alternative.


We will continue to grow, spread and add more features to our service in order to provide our users with an all encompassing, one stop solution to currency exchange fees and endless searching for the best rates. Cashswapper really is the only currency app you will ever need, and with your help we will achieve our goal.

Cashswapper CEO
Marcus Hill
CEO, Founder

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